Online Swim Coaching
Price: $125/month


  • Phone or video consultation to better understand your personal goals

  • The Development and Implementation of your individual Training Plan

  • Customized weekly workouts which include both pool and open water training

  • Unlimited E-mail contact with our coaching staff

  • Weekly check-ins to discuss training program and workout progress

  • Race preparation and strategy tips provided during race week

  • Unlimited access to our in-person workouts if you are a local athlete

Group Workouts
Price: $20/Workout Drop In Fee or $100/Month


  • Workouts that take place in both the pool and open water in Massachusetts

  • Evaluation of swim stroke and stroke mechanics

  • Learn drills to promote a fast and efficient stroke

  • Learn open water and triathlon specific skills including drafting, pack swimming, mass starts, turning and sighting

  • Benefit from training with fellow competitors

  • Enjoy a fun, learning environment tailored to help you achieve your swim goals

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